Asger is a driven entrepreneur who has shown interest in a great variety of topics. With his Master’s degree in International Relations and Global Governance, he might seem like the odd man out. However, being the co-founder of events such as Break The House Down and Gandtourage, he has definitely taken nightlife in Bruges and the networking scene in Ghent to a higher level. In addition, he is also involved in a number of large-scale events, including Tomorrowland.


Jeremy discovered his passion for events during his teenage years. From small house parties to full-on barbecues, everything had to be absolutely shipshape. These parties gradually evolved into full-blown organized events. Jeremy realizes that these days, clients expect to be blown away by a certain experience. He strongly believes in the power of word-of-mouth publicity. An event can only be successful when this carefree feeling is accompanied by a sense of inner joy. All in all, it has been a great learning experience, which marked the beginning of Yes It’s You.



As a project manager at Yes It’s You Events, Goeroe has built his reputation on hard work and consistency. When he first started out, he still had a lot to learn, and with this, he committed himself to learning everything he possibly could. He has developed many skills along the way, blossoming into a leader who focuses on service and making other people smile. 




We believe that understanding the clients perspective is key to the organisation of our events. We strive to transform your dreams into our reality. Our creativity, inspiration and passion are our main drivers in the industry. With Yes It's You, anything is possible.